Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Cult Of Cartman

Eric Theodore Cartman, the foul mouthed bigot from South Park has made an impression on a lot of people. Now people may like him or not, but they definitely take notice. I am one of the few people who like him. You can say he has kind of made an impression on me. I don't necessarily subscribe to most of what he says, but I would love to say whats on my mind and not worry about offending anyone.

A lot of us go through life accepting a lot of crap that people throw at us and just don't have the courage to say anything back. I guess we all want to live life by some sense of moral obligation of being right or wrong. But not cartman, he calls a spade a spade, an idiot an idiot. He does not give a shit !!!

So I guess I live vicariously when I watch cartman, doing stuff that's not "acceptable" and still come out on trumps (You will be surprised with the kind of crap he manages to get away with). Like cartman says.....

"Screw you guys"

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Losing "Mojo"

A very close friend of mine had a very tough time recently. He had lost some one very close to him very suddenly and that had really shattered him. He went into some sort of a depression that made him disconnected and listless. He was oblivious to all around him.

The way my friend reacted to this event, surprised me to no end. He is a very very positive person, someone who take everything in his stride. I have seen his through some really tough things before and never once did he look bogged down by the happenings of his life. This event though seemed to take its toll on him. He seemed to have lost his "mojo"

The way he reacted got me thinking, how I would react should something similar happen to me. I am basically a very positive person in life and though I do whine and crib at times, generally look at the positives in all events. I have, like all of us have been through some tough times but thankfully have never felt depressed or given up hope. I don't know how I will react, how I will get out of it. But one thing is for sure, I sure as hell wont lose my "mojo"

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So another start…

I have honestly lost track of the number of times that I have decided to begin blogging. I guess I am turning into one of those people who believe that “Well begun is half done”. I hate being such a person, I think they are quitters. These are people who begin something with all the right intentions and fail to see it through. Like I made clear earlier I hate being such a person, I have become one of them.

Well time to make amends, time to make wrongs right. I shall as a promise be more regular with my “blogs” and make a real effort to keep all of you updated about all that is going on in and around me.

What is it that I plan to “blog” about? Here is a quick list,

1. People around me (Nothing personal just their quirks and things about them that are, well their own!)

2. Things happening to me.

3. My work.

4. My passions.

5. What I have been reading (And not reading)

So here I am again, all revved up to make a new beginning (again). This is a new beginning for me, the beginning of yet another promise of blogging.

I hope I don’t let myself down.